Asian Candy Interview

This is an excerpt from a Celebrity journalist and Model interview with one of the moderators of Asian Candy.

Candyseul at Asian Candy.

Q: Is Candyseul in Asian Candy

A: Yes .. she is here

Q: On what duty? or what as she is?

A: She is a representative role model for Asian Candy

Candice Model, there is also Choi YooJin as another role model.

Q: Reportedly the Candice Model is for the size model

chest above D Cup is it true?

A: Yes, that's about it. some are up to F-G and even H, for candyseul

the size is F

Q: So you are also part of the Candice Model category?

A: Ha .. Ha .. Ha .. you could say so ..

Q: How many Candice Model members have joined.

A: More than 30 Models.

Q: Will it be added?

A: Yes .. maybe later it will be 50 - by the end of this year, including participant members only or guest models usually from outside of Korea

Q: Thanks for the time

Y: Your Welcome

I gave a photo of Han Na here, maybe some members already know her.

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