Asian Candy Models

Never shared Candy Models here ...

Asian Candy Model was founded in 2019 by a group of what some have called ‘Candy Model’. Consisting of several models from Korea, Hong Kong and other South East Asia including Thailand

They are a dedicated Model Fan Site that brings the latest news, updates, special events, and more to their community.

I am one of the models from Candy Models and as a Symbol or Role Model of this Model Group, even though there are so many more Beautiful and Sexy than me, let's call it Manyo Yoojin the Most Beautiful Witch in Korea hahaha .. and also BJs models like Crazy Cat, Bella etc., as well as other Top Korean Racing Models.

Under the auspices of our prettiest Sister Miss Vivian Kim ..

for the website, it must have been found out ... and starting this August there is a BONUS who joins VIP Asian Candy Model CLUB VIP gets BONUS access GOLD Patron on this website ( while becoming a VIP MEMBER at


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