Chapter 8 : Candy & Candy Model.

Many ask what is My Relationship with "CANDY MODEL"

It is very close, but actually the person behind this is all the idea of Candy Vivian, whose real name is Vivian Kim and also at the encouragement of Choi Yoojin aka Manyo Yoojin.

These two central figures, who raised model unions in Seoul, Busan Jeju and other major cities in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

For the official site:

also other official sub sites:

and many more that are officially still in the development process.

I try to help explain the membership structure in other chapters..

Please those who want to ask about Candy Model, especially Vivian and Yoo Jin ..

Candy Vivivan

Hanna : (Premium Channel)

Manyo Yoojin (19+)

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