Chapter 9 : BJ Friends

NOW 6 AM :

Discussing about BJ becomes very enthusiastic,

because in this Covid19 era, my activities are helped by the broadcasting program.

Broadcasters consist of 3 groups

1. All Age some 13+ (General)

2. 19+ (general)

3. Private (Membership / Password)

For the third, there are usually many people who do not know that broadcasts can be made for certain people with special passwords and access.

Well here sometimes happens .. many BJ do nude broadcasts even erotic even masturbating on broadcasts in Korea lately. It's not like what you might think is widely circulating on porn sites but broadcasts that are truly private. I'm sure there are many who don't think that BJ, who looks shy, is actually broadcasting a private type.

She is one of my friend at Afreeca BJs .. almost 500 ++ Korean Model and Girl active now as BJ.

Imagine he is doing a Private Broadcast .. but you must be a Korean citizen and have a legal ID.

On the Patron Page, I will share some of BJ's friends who are indeed partners of Asian Candy.

and also I will share who is my personal friends.


Now it's also booming : Broadcast With Friends




Sometimes I do LIVE husband and wife scenes like some of my friends.

For Patrons, especially Premium, just look forward to some of their files, the full editions are in the Candy Model Extreme LEVEL and MAXX LEVEL.

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