May 4 , 1st Anniversary Broadcasting

I do not give up for a year and write a compliment to myself for working hard.

This 5/4 (Tue) is the 1st anniversary since I started broadcasting in Afreeca .

Even if it's been a long time, even if it's been your first time, we'll be very happy to you, so please come and congratulate you.

If it's a year long, a long time has passed really fast

In the meantime, I suddenly became the best BJ and took off the new entry ticket

Now, the title of BJ is more suitable than the title of model.

In fact, if I think about it now, it's embarrassing to think that it was a really ridiculous broadcast in the beginning.

Of course, it is still lacking a lot, but it wasn't long enough to prepare for the broadcast.

It is true that it started.

Even so, just because I like me, because it’s me, the precious people who just came to see and look pretty whatever I do

There are a lot.. And, I really appreciate all of our fans who have kept the place until now.

They have become so precious to me.

I have lived so long because of my lack of sociality, and I haven't really had a few close friends.

In just one year, I have a really precious family and best friends.

Our fans have become so precious that they think that the best thing I did in my life was broadcast.

Oh, and with short thoughts and lack of humble thoughts,

I'm sorry if there are anyone who hurt by me unintentionally.

I don't know how long I can broadcast in the future,

As long as you visit me, love me, and wait for me, I want to work hard for a long time.

If you stay there, I will not disappoint, and I will work hard to become a better broadcaster.

Thank you.

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