Jeju Trip June 2020

After 1 week at Jeju.. Im back to Seoul again..

Many interesting but also sad events in Jeju ...

I'll give it something interesting first ..

I have also posted it on IG and FB but I will summarize it again on this Web for Patrons here ...

I left for Jeju late May and then on May 30, together with the key ring.

In addition to tourism, we did get invitations from several cafe and restaurant entrepreneurs in Jeju ... as I told you the first and second days staying at hotels near the airport ..

below is a photo of the hotel the first night and the night that I have posted here titled in bed with candy ...

the next day, eat at the restaurant under the hotel where to stay .. ( June 01)

On the 1st June night I moved lodging ... here I felt unwell and even tired ... when I was broadcasting I almost fell asleep.

June 2 ... full culinary / foodie,

and also relax by the beach...

Dinner with big fish

night shift to villa accommodation.. until back to Seoul

in this villa there is a pool ... which I swim at night ...

Middle photo is Behind the Scene, Broadcast Recording ..

You can get a Full recording on the 10th, on the Asian Candy website.

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